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Natural Born 8-Bit

8bit Synth Groove Box

LIVEN 8bit warps


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Recreate classic video game sounds,
or forge a new path in the 8-bit domain.

Explore four distinct synth engines.

Cross-fade between two different waveforms to create a unique waveshape.

Instantly cut from one waveform to another, using variable attack time.

Morph between up to three waveform using this wavetable engine.

Explore the frontier of 8-bit synthesis using this 2 operator FM engine.


Unique Sound Design Features


Thicken your sound using the detune control.
Automate the detune amount in your patterns to transition between modern and 8-bit flavors.

Alias Noise

With a single button press, you can restrain or unleash the power of digital aliasing.

-Pickup- Sweep function

The classic 8-bit sweep function found in classic consoles and handhelds has been ported and upgraded for the Liven 8-bit warps. Use this function to recreate classic soundtracks or push it to the limit for unique percussive sounds.


Optimized for Jams and Live Performance

The LIVEN series features, responsive hands-on controls that are optimized for jamming and live performance.


Physical design

  • 16 physical knobs provide intuitive access to all parameters.
  • No cumbersome menu diving.
  • The knobs and buttons are placed ergonomically, so that controls can be easily accessed with two hands.
  • The LIVEN does not have tiny cluttered controls.

Dedicated physical sequencer buttons allow the user to make musical changes on the fly.
Unlike other portable synthesizers, the LIVEN series has separate keyboard and sequencer buttons which makes note entry much easier.

Step Sequencer

Basic Specifications

Sequence up to 128 steps per pattern.

Save up to 128 patterns.

Sub-divide the tempo down to 32nd notes for higher resolution sequencing.

Sequence longer notes across several steps, AKA Tied Notes.

Features for Live Performance

3-way Note Input

Record notes in real time, or program them in step by step. You can also input note to specific steps while the sequencer is playing to add variation to your jams and live performances.

Parameter lock

Parameter locking function allows you to record knob changes into your sequence. This automation function, can be recorded live, or programmed in step by step.


Sequence Effects

Enjoy tree different slice modes to mix up your sequences. SLICE which chops up longer notes, RANDOM which scrambles your sequence, and STUTTER which loops a snippet of your sequence before jumping right back in time.

Chain Playback

Link together multiple patterns using the Chain function to create longer uninterrupted sequences.

Effects Designed for Live Performance

Use the highly responsive DELAY and BIT CRUSHER to transform your pattern in real time.

Create disintegrating tape loop sounds by maxing out the delay’s mix control and then tweaking the speed control. Create short loops for machine gun effects, or drop the speed down to hear the loop drop deeper and deeper with each repetition.

Use the BIT CRUSHER to dial down Liven 8-bit warp’s sampling rate. Use it in small doses to emulate early digital synths, or max it out for devastating distortion.

Use the rich CHORUS and FLANGER to turn the 8-bit warps into a rich string machine.



4-Track Looper

The Liven 8-bit warps has a built in four track looper which automatically synchronizes with the sequencer.

3 Internal Loops + 1 External Loop + 1 Sequence = 5 Layers
Lead, rhythm, bass, chords, bass, external line in drums… Capture an entire song on one device.


Automatic Loop Start and Stop
Pre-trigger the looper so that it starts exactly at the start of your sequence. The system prevents record button anxiety and frustrating mis-timed loops.


Independent Track Control
Each looper track on the Liven 8-bit warps is independent. This means you can control, volume, stereo balance, start, and stop, independently for each track. You can also start and stop all loops and the sequencer together using a simple button press.


Record External Hardware via LINE IN
Use the fourth looper track to crossfade in external audio sources, and then record them to audio loops.
This function allows you to free up external gear that might otherwise be occupied by playing a single part.

A Hub for All of Your Devices

Supports a Wide Variety of Clock Signals
Traditional MIDI and SYNC clocks are supported, as well as the Audio Sync function used by Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operators 2 and the ELZ_1, which combines the clock and audio signals into a single stereo cable.

Functioning as a bridge, the LIVEN 8bit warps can translate clock between MIDI, SYNC, and Audio Sync devices, so all of your gear can play in time.

With these input and output options, it is possible to bridge the MIDI clock, SYNC, or Audio Sync in any combination.

Hooks Right into Your Daisy Chain of Teenage Engineering 2 Devices
One of these devices is not like the others, but they will play together all the same! Use the LIVEN 8bit warps seamlessly in you chain of Teenage Engineering 2 devices, using their native Audio Sync function via 3.5 mm audio jack.

Lightweight, Battery-Powered, Built-in Speaker

Weighing only 790g (Under 2 Lb.),
I can throw it in my bag, and I’m ready to jam!

The living room, the streets of downtown, the neighborhood park, now everywhere is a stage.

Additional Features


Thick sounding high, low, and bandpass filters are perfect for live performance and sound sculpting. The filter also has its own LFO that can modulate the cutoff frequency.


Six unique reverb models, Hall, Room, Arena, Plate, Tunnel, and Infinity.
The mix knob can be maxed out for reverb signal only, perfect for break sections or ambient

Cassette Tape Simulator

The one-knob tape simulator adds warbly pitch drift and white noise, perfect for adding LO-FI vibe to you tracks.


Filter cutoff and pitch share a single LFO.

Waveform Editing

Create and store up to 64 user waveforms.
Create waveforms from scratch using an intuitive step by step method, or capture and save waveforms generated by the FM or WARP engines.

Mono-mode / Arpeggiator

In addition to the six-note polyphonic mode, there is a MONO mode for creating bass sounds and arpeggiator mode.
In MONO mode, you can also adjust the glide time to create sounds the slide between notes.
The flexible arpeggiator offers 12 unique playing patterns.

Abundant Preset Waveforms

Rich and Diverse Preset Waveforms
63 ready-to-use preset waveforms are included.
You can create your own waveforms step by step, or capture waveforms generated by the WARP or FM


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Tutorial Videos

Review Videos

Get retro and modern 8-bit sound and create exciting music that is unique in the world!


Ships within 2 business days!


297mm (W) x 176mm (D) x 48mm (H)
11.7 in (W) x 6.92 in (D) x 1.89 in (H)


27 keys (with a hold function)

- 15 physical control knobs
- Optional LATCH function prevents jumps in value when knob position and parameter values do not match.
- LCD dot indicates when a parameter value matches the saved value, or when the value has been changed.
- One physical encoder.

<Audio output>
- Stereo line out (stereo 3.5mm mini jack)
- Headphone out (stereo 3.5mm mini jack)
- Compatible with Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator2 Series SYNC OUT
- Speaker

<Audio in>
- LINE IN (stereo 3.5mm mini-jack)
- Compatible with Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator 2 Series SYNC IN

- MIDI IN connector (5-Pin DIN type)
- MIDI OUT connector (5-Pin DIN type)
- SYNC IN jack (monaural 3.5mm mini jack)
- SYNC OUT jack (monaural 3.5mm mini jack)

<Power supply>
- 9V DC output AC adapter
Current: 1A or greater
Plug Type: EIAJ3 Standard
Inner Diameter: 1.7mm
Outer Diameter: 4.75mm,
Polarity: Center +
- Compatible with power supplies designed for the Korg Volca 1 .
- 6 AA batteries

<Synth Engine>
- Four 8-bit sound engines, WARP, ATTACK, MORPH, and FM

*6-note polyphonic

<Voice mode>
- 6-note polyphonic mode
- Mono mode with adjustable glide time
- Arpeggiator modes (Up, Down, UpDown, DownUp, Up&amp;Down, Down&amp;Up, Up+1, Up+2, Down-1, Down-
2, Random, Play Order)

- This function emulates quick stepping sweeps utilized by vintage arcade, home, and handheld video game consoles.

<The Envelope>


- Chorus
- Flanger
- Delay
- Bit Crusher

- Hall
- Room
- Arena
- Plate
- Tunnels
- Infinity
- Tape

*The synth engines are true 8-bit.
All other calculations, such as the effects,
are 32-bit floating point operations.

- One LFO that is assigned to pitch and filter
- One LFO that is assigned to the FM Engine
- One LFO that is assigned to the Morph Engine

<Patch memory>
- 128 patch memory

<Waveform memory>
- 128 waveform memory

- Up to 128 steps
- 128 patterns
- Step length can be set from 1/1 to 1/32
- Real-time recording
- Directly enter notes for each step when sequencer is on or off
- Note overwrite function
- Pattern chain function
- Parameter lock function
- Directly entering notes into a step is possible.
- Enter longer notes (Tie)
- Metronome and pre-count function
- Transpose function
- Swing function

- 4 track looper (3 tracks for internal sound recording and 1 track for LINE IN recording)
- Looper starts and stops in time with the sequencer (Quantized Loop Function)
- Control, volume, stereo balance, start, and stop, independently for each track.
- On track four, crossfade between the fourth loop and the external audio source.
- Start and stop all loops and the sequencer together with simple button presses.

- Notes, control changes, clock input/output
- IMPORT/EXPORT of user data
- Firmware update via Sysex

- Warranty

*The AC adapter is not included.
Please use 9V DC output AC adapter (1A or higher, EIAJ3 standard inner diameter 1.7mm outer diameter 4.75mm, center +).
Compatible with power supplies designed for the Korg Volca 1 .

LIVEN 8bit warps


Ships within 2 business days!


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