Low-res Digitized Sampler

Lofi-12 XT - Limited Retro Color

Ships in April 2024
Also available with Carrying Case for only $30 extra!

Low-res Digitized Sampler

Lofi-12 XT

Ships in April 2024
Also available with Carrying Case for only $30 extra!





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What is the Lofi-12 XT?

A year ago, we released the Lofi-12, the first sampler in the LIVEN series.

This sampler is a bit unique; it is limited to recording at low sampling frequencies of 12kHz or 24kHz. Furthermore, it featured a special 12 Bit mode designed to emulate the iconic sound reminiscent of legendary samplers from the late '80s. With just 4 seconds of recording time per sample and 4 tracks, the Lofi-12 offered a compact but flexible sandbox-like experience for creating music.

The sound and concept of the Lofi-12 garnered immense support from many people. This popularity led us to receive a lot of feedback and many helpful suggestions such as:
"Please increase the sampling duration", "Can you add more tracks?" "Please add file import from PC", and “I’d love a black version!”

Achieving these suggestions with the current LIVEN DSP resources and hardware was not feasible. Developing entirely new hardware is time-consuming and costly, especially for a small company like ours, making it challenging to address these demands promptly.

Therefore, we decided to base our new model on the hardware of the SmplTrek, which boasts ample power and connectivity, to cater to these requests. Introducing the "Lofi-12 XT" as an advanced model of the Lofi-12.

The Lofi-12 XT inherits the retro sampling engine of the Lofi-12 but is redesigned and redeveloped as an even more user-friendly and fun Low-res Digitized Sampler.

Whether you're a newcomer to samplers and electronic instruments or a seasoned professional who has been producing and performing music for years, we believe you'll fall in love with this instrument.



Key Features

1) Pleasant Genuine Retro Sampling

Experience true 12kHz/24kHz sampling combined with the 12-bit Sampler mode, which transforms any sound into a pleasant lo-fi sound, much like the legendary 12-bit samplers of yesteryear.

Each sample can be up to 300 seconds in length, and you can store as many samples as your SD card capacity allows. From these, you can load up to 256 samples (64MB) into a single project, seamlessly switching between samples during playback.

Samples can also be played using PAD mode, utilizing all 15 pads as a keyboard for chromatic/scale play. You can also chop samples to create and play individual slices within a single track.


2) Intuitive Beat Making and Jamming

The powerful 8-track sequencer supports un-quantized & step recording, allowing you to record tracks and beats in real-time as you hit the pads.

With parameter locking, dynamic parameter recording is a breeze – simply press the REC button and tweak the knobs. You can also input exact values directly using the step buttons.

Using the D-pad, you can choose between 7 re-trigger divisions from 8th to 64th notes, while controlling velocity by pressing a pad.

A single project consists of 128 patterns and 16 songs
. It can be used not only for song production, but also for long live performances by connecting songs with nonstop editing and various MUTE modes.


3) Powerful Signal Processing & Extensive Sample Libraries

Simultaneously utilize 8 track effects, delay, reverb, and master compressor to craft diverse sounds.

Track effects can be selected from 20 effect types, and the master compressor can be side-chained. (Can be switched to the master filter for performance.)

The included SD card contains 1,000+ samples from legendary drum machines like TR-808/909, LM-1, linndrum, DMX, Drumulator, SP-12, Drumtraks and TOM*, to ready-to-use samples for Lofi HipHop and Lofi House song production.

*The samples of vintage drum machines are licensed from BULLYFINGER.


4) Effortless Background Mix-Tape Recording

The Mix-Tape recording feature continuously captures all your performances in the background until the device is powered down.

Recording quality can be selected from five levels, from the lo-fi recording quality of a micro-cassette tape to high quality recording at 48 kHz-16 bit, the same recording quality as DAT.

Whether you're mixing down tracks, recording live performances in their entirety, or extracting choice beats and phrases from your daily jams, you will have a continually expanding resource of your sounds and music at your fingertips.


5) Versatile Connectivity with Other Devices

Import and export audio files via USB or SD card. The Lofi-12XT's unique file convert feature ensures any audio files with differing sampling bit/rates are transformed into pleasant lo-fi samples.

Liven Lofi-12 sample data (MIDI SysEx files) can also be imported.

Connect a wide variety of audio sources, from dynamic microphones, electric guitars/bass, synthesizers, and even USB audio sources from PC/Macs or Smartphones.

With TRS analog inputs and outputs, digital outputs via USB, and tempo sync through MIDI or audio sync, the Lofi-12XT seamlessly integrates with DAWs and various other devices.



Comparison with Liven Lofi-12 and SmplTrek



Low-res Digitized Sampler

Lofi-12 XT

Ships in April 2024
Also available with Carrying Case for only $30 extra!


The case will be sold for $79 incl. shipping. (*The patch cable is not included.)

Low-res Digitized Sampler

Lofi-12 XT - Limited Retro Color

Ships in April 2024
Also available with Carrying Case for only $30 extra!

Hardware specifications


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