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8-bit Synthesizer with Looper

LIVEN 8bit warps


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ALl Black Limited Edition


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Natural Born 8-Bit



● 8-bit waveform memory synth engine for creating a wide variety of sounds from Chiptune to Ambient
- Four distinct 8-bit waveform memory synth engines (Includes waveform editing with waveform capture function)

● Unique sound creation with aliasing noise on/off, detune and sweep functions

● 128-step sequencer with parameter locking

● 4-track looper for recording internal audio and external audio from the line input

● 10 effects and 6 reverbs (switchable to the Cassette tape simulator)


8-bit waveform memory synth engine for creating a wide variety of sounds

LIVEN 8bit warps v3.0 is a synthesizer with four distinct 8-bit waveform memory engines, allowing you to create not only retro video game sounds but also a wide palette of sounds that you wouldn't imagine from the term "8-bit.”

Cross-fade between two different waveforms to create a unique waveshape.

Instantly cut from one waveform to another, using variable attack time.

Morph between up to three waveform using this wavetable engine.

Explore the frontier of 8-bit synthesis using this 2 operator FM engine.


The 8bit warps comes equipped with 63 ready-to-use preset waveforms, and you can intuitively and quickly create your own waveforms using the step keys.
Moreover, capturing waveforms generated from the Warp and FM engines allows for the creation of your own original waveform easily.


Unique sound creation with aliasing noise, detune and sweep functions

LIVEN 8bit warps v3.0 allows you to freely turn on and off the characteristic aliasing noise unique to 8-bit.
You can also use the detune function to thicken the sound, and the sweep function to fully reproduce the sweeping sound of the legendary portable video game console.

Alias Noise

With a single button press, you can restrain or unleash the power of digital aliasing.


Thicken your sound using the detune control.
Automate the detune amount in your patterns to transition between modern and 8-bit flavors.

Sweep function

The classic 8-bit sweep function found in classic consoles and handhelds has been ported and upgraded for the Liven 8-bit warps. Use this function to recreate classic soundtracks or push it to the limit for unique percussive sounds.


128-step sequencer with parameter locking

LIVEN 8-bit warps v3.0 is equipped with a highly functional 128-step sequencer that has earned the LIVEN series a solid reputation. In addition to recording notes, it can also record changes in each parameter over time (Parameter locking).

It also supports Sound locking, which allows you to record the parameters of the synth engine as you program or record a sequence, so you can switch sounds for each phrase or note.

You can record knob operations in real time or directly record parameters to specific steps allowing for more unique sounds and patterns.

Sequence up to 128 steps per pattern.

Save up to 128 patterns.

Sub-divide the tempo down to 32nd notes.

Program notes step by step or record them in real time. Additionally, you can also input notes to specific steps while the sequencer is playing to add variation.

The Parameter Lock function allows you to record knob changes into your patterns. This can be recorded live, or programmed in step by step.

The Sound Lock function allows you to record selected sound changes into your patterns.



4-Track Looper

LIVEN 8-bit warps v3.0 has a built in 4-track looper (3 tracks for internal sound recording + 1 track for LINE IN recording) that allows you to record audio alongside the sequence pattern you have created.

3 Internal Loops + 1 External Loop + 1 Sequence = 5 Layers

Lead, rhythm, bass, chords, bass, external line in drums… Capture an entire song on one device.

Automatic Loop Start and Stop

Pre-trigger the looper so that it starts exactly at the start of your sequence. The system prevents record button anxiety and frustrating mis-timed loops.


Record External Hardware via LINE IN
Use the fourth looper track to crossfade in external audio sources, and then record them to audio loops. This function allows you to free up external gear that might otherwise be occupied by playing a single part.



10 Effects and 6 Reverbs

LIVEN 8bit warps v3.0 has effect and reverb slots independently. For the effect, you can choose from 10 carefully selected effects, including Delay and Bit Crusher, which are specialized for live performance.

The reverb has 6 high-quality reverbs, you can also switch to the Cassette Tape simulator that reproduces the wow, flutter and hiss/hum noise of a cassette tape recorder.

All the effect parameters can be automated in steps using the Parameter Lock function.




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Retro and modern synthesizer!

8-bit Synthesizer with Looper

LIVEN 8bit warps


We will ship v3.0 units within 3 business days!


ALl Black Limited Edition


Now ships within 3 business days!


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- Four 8-bit sound engines, WARP, ATTACK, MORPH, and FM
  *All operations except the synth engines are 32-bit floating-point operations
- Maximum polyphony: 6 voices
- 128 patch memory, 128 waveform memory

<Voice mode>
- 6-note polyphonic mode
- Mono mode with adjustable glide time
- Arpeggiator modes (Up, Down, UpDown, DownUp, Up&Down, Down&Up, Up+1, Up+2, Down-1, Down-2, Random, Play Order)

- Low Pass
- High Pass
- Band Pass

- The LFO can affect both pitch and filter cutoff with separate adjustable levels.

- Sweep with adjustable speed, range, and curve

<Envelope Generator>
- Full ADSR envelope for controlling the volume over time

- Chorus
- Flanger
- Delay
- Bit Crusher
- Distortion
- Phaser
- Tremolo
- Ring Modulator
- Auto Wah
- Reverse Delay

- Hall Reverb
- Room Reverb
- Arena Reverb
- Plate Reverb
- Tunnel Reverb
- Infinity Reverb
- Cassette Tape simulator


- 1 track
- Up to 128 steps per pattern
- 128 patterns
- Step length can be set from 1/1 to 1/32
- Real-time recording
- Directly enter notes for each step when sequencer is on or off
- Enter longer notes (Tied notes)
- Note overwrite function
- Metronome and pre-count function  
- Duplicate to extend a sequence
- Transpose function
- Swing function
- Pattern chain function (Loop playback possible)
- Parameter Lock function to record parameter settings for each step
- Sound Lock function to record sound settings for each step
- RANDOM function to play back steps in random order
- STUTTER function to play back only the step being pressed
- SLICE function to chop and play each step in GATE length


- 4 track looper (3 tracks for internal sound recording and 1 track for LINE IN recording)
- Looper starts and stops in time with the sequencer (Quantized Loop Function)
- Control, volume, stereo balance, start, and stop, independently for each track.
- On track 4, crossfade between the fourth loop and the external audio source.
- Start and stop all loops and the sequencer together with simple button presses.

- Notes, control changes, clock input/output
- IMPORT/EXPORT of user data
- Firmware update via Sysex


27 keys (with a hold function)

- 15 physical control knobs
- Optional LATCH function prevents jumps in value when knob position and parameter values do not match.
- One physical encoder for fine adjustments.
- LCD dot indicates when a parameter value matches the saved value, or when the value has been changed.

<Audio in>
- LINE IN (stereo 3.5mm mini-jack)
- Compatible with Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Series SYNC IN

<Audio out>
- Stereo line out (stereo 3.5mm mini jack)
- Headphone out (stereo 3.5mm mini jack)
- Compatible with Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator2 Series SYNC OUT
- Built in speaker

- MIDI IN connector (5-Pin DIN type)
- MIDI OUT connector (5-Pin DIN type)
- SYNC IN jack (monaural 3.5mm mini jack)
- SYNC OUT jack (monaural 3.5mm mini jack)

297mm (W) x 176mm (D) x 48mm (H)
11.7 in (W) x 6.92 in (D) x 1.89 in (H)


<Power supply>
- 9V DC output AC adapter
Current: 1A or greater, Plug Type: EIAJ3 Standard, Inner Diameter: 1.7mm, Outer Diameter: 4.75mm, Polarity: Center +
- Compatible with power supplies designed for the Korg Volca1.
- 6 AA batteries
*The AC adapter and batteries are not included.

- Warranty

1 - Korg and Volca are registered trademarks of Korg Inc.
2 - Teenage Engineering and Pocket Operators are registered trademarks of teenage engineering ab.
Reference to these brands and trademarks are made for comparison and compatibility purposes and are not endorsements or recommendations from their respective organizations.

All specifications and/or appearance are subject to change without notice.