Ver.1.0.65 System firmware [DOWNLOAD]
(Update: Dec-1 2022)

Please update using your PC/Mac's SD card slot or SD card reader!
The current version (Ver.1.0.58) may not connect properly in the Card Reader mode.

Please read this Firmware Update Guide before updating.

What’s new in Ver.1.0.65

[Bug fixes]
- When connected to a PC/Mac in the Card Reader mode, SmplTrek is not recognized and the contents in the SD card may be lost.
- Track Master cannot be resampled.
- Noise at the joint of Loop when switching Scenes.
and several bug fixes and improvements.

[Added or improved features]
- Added a metronome settings to the tempo settings screen. *
- Added Edit screen page switching function using func + REW / FF keys.
- Improved audio quality of the USB AUDIO track.
- Improved keyboard UI for rename screen.
- Improved UI that popup dialogs can be closed immediately by pressing a key.

*...The addition of this function changes the control knobs for "Setting the tempo" in the manual P15. Use the A - D knobs to make the setting. The tap tempo is used by the lower right button of the screen.

SAMPLE PACK for SmplTrek users only (1,128 samples - 1.2GB from Black Octopus )
Black Octopus download site will open.

Register on the Black Octopus site and download it.

Only for Kickstarter backers: Loopcloud 60 Days Free Trial (with max 1,600 free points)
Loopcloud Special Free Trial description page on Kickstarter will open.

Only available to the SmplTrek backers on Kickstarter.


Firmware Updating Guide

Ver.2.0.43 System firmware [DOWNLOAD]

New functions

- Added program change transmit and receive settings.
 (The pattern can now be changed by program change.)

Bug fix

- When the PTN key is pressed during the pattern change process, the display will be broken and the pattern will look like it is being initialized in rare cases.
  (the data is not broken at this point)
- Note input from external MIDI devices may rarely cause freeze.
- Arpeggiator type is not saved.
- Repeated pattern changes may cause slight clock shifts.
- If tie is set to off and holding down keys during pre-count, it will be held.


Old Version System Firmware


LIVEN 8bit warps

Firmware Updating Guide

Ver.2.0.67 System firmware [DOWNLOAD]

New functions

- Added program change receive settings.
 (The pattern can now be changed by program change.)

Bug fix

- Pressing the REC button during pattern playback may erase the stored notes in rare case.
- When playing in RANDOM mode and STUTTER mode, it starts playing from the first step.
- If tie is set to off and holding down keys during pre-count, it will be held.


Old Version System Firmware

Ver.1.1.62 System firmware [DOWNLOAD]

- Fixed a bug that the system might not shut down properly when receiving external MIDI clock


Never use USB power supply such as USB quick chargers that may output more than 5V for a short period of time, as it will destroy the internal components of the ELZ_1.

Firmware Updating Guide

Ver.6.0.122 System firmware [DOWNLOAD]

New functions

- Added New Synth Engine



Old version System firmware

Ver.5.0.119 System firmware [DOWNLOAD]

New functions

- Added effects


-Added Master Effects


- Added Dual Mono mode, which allows to send two separate mono signals into the AUX input for FX processing and mixing.

Bug fix

- Delay effects may cause click noise.

Ver.4.0.117 System firmware [DOWNLOAD]

New functions / Bug fix
- MIDI OUT function
  The following MIDI messages have been added.
Note On/Off, Program Change, Clock, Start/Stop)
- USB MIDI mode and clock settings are retained even when the power is turned off.
- DNA explorer may not be able to import correctly.

Ver.3.0.113 System firmware [DOWNLOAD]

- Modulation enhancement of FM synth
- LFO parameter enhancement
- Modulation enhance of 8-Bit WAVE MEM(FM MODE)
- Effect Insert function added to AUX IN
- Supports BPMsycn for AutoPan, Chorus, Vibrato, Tremolo effects
    Supecial bonus:
          - Added PingPong Delay effect

Ver.2.1.99 System firmware [DOWNLOAD]

- Master-Tune adjustment function has been added
- Memory-Tune adjustment function for each memory has been added
- Heavy, Destruction has been added in Bit Crush parameter of SiGRINDER
- Random access function of waveform reading position has been added in SiGRINDER.
- Changed the metronome sound of head of measure
- The new Arena type has been added in Reverb
- Fixed a bug that ELZ_1 can't start up with AA batteries in rarely.
- Fixed other minor bugs

Ver.2.0.93 System firmware [DOWNLOAD]