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Warranty Policy

<Free warranty period>

The free warranty period for our manufactured products (hereinafter referred to as "products") is one year from the date of product purchase.

The warranty covers only the product itself (excluding accessories, consumables, other content, and data).

Repair / analysis costs and return costs within the free warranty period will be borne by us.
(Regardless of whether it is free repair or paid repair, we use the send-back method (mutual shipping fee), so the customer is responsible for the shipping fee when shipping the repaired product to us.)

It conforms to the warranty provisions stated in our product warranty.

We do not lend out replacement products under repair.


<Outside the free warranty period>

For product repairs after the free warranty period has expired, we will charge for repairs regardless of the reason.

In addition, the shipping cost of the product at the time of paid repair will be borne by the customer, and the return cost will be borne by us.



We do not compensate for the storage and retention of data stored in the internal memory (Flash), attached microSD, or other storage device.

Depending on the failure situation and other circumstances, the product may be replaced instead of repaired.

The warranty period of the product after free repair (including product replacement) based on the product warranty is the same as the warranty period at the time of initial purchase.

We will not compensate for damage caused by the inability to use the product due to a failure.
The Company shall not be liable for any failure or damage during transportation when the product is sent to us in a package other than the outer box / inner box in which the product was packed, or in a package other than the one specified by us.

Responsibility for products and our services shall be limited to the matters and contents stipulated in this agreement, except in the case of intentional or gross negligence of our company.

Damage caused to the customer due to special circumstances, lost profits of the customer, damage based on a claim for compensation made by a third party to the customer, or other reasons why the customer could not use the product due to a failure or malfunction of the repair request product. We shall not be liable for any damages.

In principle, we will repair the product even if it becomes dirty or damaged during the period in which we keep the repair request product.

Even if we are liable for damages to the customer regarding the provision of this service, unless it is our intention, our liability is limited to the amount equivalent to the value of the repair request product.

The value of the repair request product shall be calculated based on the residual value after depreciation or the price of the product with equivalent performance sold in the market at the time of damage.