XFM Weekly Report #5

There is a strong wind blowing. I'm working and hoping the trains won't stop.
Hi, I'm Aiko Yokoe from SONICWARE.
Thank you for your support.
I'll be sharing the development status of LIVEN XFM on this blog every week until it is shipped to those who have pre-ordered it.

LIVEN XFMをプレオーダーしてくださった方に出荷が完了するまでの間、開発状況を本ブログにて毎週シェア致します。


1. Development status and schedule / 開発状況とスケジュール

Due to the increase in the number of COVID-19 infections, the entire Malaysia has been on lockdown since June 1.
The LIVEN series is currently being manufactured in Malaysia.
So far, the Malaysian factories that manufacture foreign brand products have been given permission to continue operations, although they will have to reduce their operating rates.

The factory's current opinion is that the lockdown will not have a significant impact on XFM production, but since it is still unclear, we are asking the factory to update the schedule.

We will keep you posted on this blog as soon as we have new information.



2. Weekly Report/ウィークリーレポート

Samples of the rubber key will be delivered to Japan next week. We will test them in Japan as soon as they arrive.


3. LIVEN Facebook group

LIVEN group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sonicwareliven/

We have been posting various things to this FB group too. So If you have FB account, please join!



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Thank you,
Aiko Yokoe