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Firmware Updating Guide

Ver.3.0.113 System firmware [DOWNLOAD]

New functions

- Modulation enhancement of FM synth
- LFO parameter enhancement
- Modulation enhance of 8-Bit WAVE MEM(FM MODE)
- Effect Insert function added to AUX IN
- Supports BPMsycn for AutoPan, Chorus, Vibrato, Tremolo effects
    Supecial bonus:
          - Added PingPong Delay effect

Old version System firmware

Ver.2.1.99 System firmware [DOWNLOAD]

- Master-Tune adjustment function has been added
- Memory-Tune adjustment function for each memory has been added
- Heavy, Destruction has been added in Bit Crush parameter of SiGRINDER
- Random access function of waveform reading position has been added in SiGRINDER.
- Changed the metronome sound of head of measure
- The new Arena type has been added in Reverb
- Fixed a bug that ELZ_1 can't start up with AA batteries in rarely.
- Fixed other minor bugs

Ver.2.0.93 System firmware [DOWNLOAD]